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A Parfait, a Stir-Fry, and a Pizza! 3 Easy Recipes With Fall

Healthy Eating: Healthy Foods and Recipes

★ Workout – Push Up Challenge – Intro to TGN fitness

My name is Ben, i started lifting at 15 years old, and im currently 18 years old. Ive studied muscle development very intensely over the last 3 years of my life, while my mom is a Physical Therapist and my dad is a sports nutritionist / Sports scientist, ive had endless of resources at my …

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Watersize Wednesday 6-13-2012 Weight Loss and Self Improvement Summer In Progress

http://youtu.be/eb9rfXbkqb8 Me showing you my daily water exercises. Not too exciting, but hey at least you get to come outside with me!

My Health & Fitness Routine!