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Wonderful Exercises That You Could Perform Without Visiting A Gym

By Vinny Antonelli

Oftentimes, we do not have access to the fitness center. Be it because of financial concerns in affording a gym membership or because there are simply no good gym facilities close to where you live, there are still countless pleasurable and innovative techniques through which you can workout so you can still be losing fats no matter where you are!

I personally hate it when I have a particular gym regimen and am not able to maintain it when I go overseas simply because I can’t find easy access to the health and fitness center, or that the hotel gym basically does not have a few of the facilities which my local gym has got. Thus, I have think of a mix of body-weight exercises which can be done almost everywhere and a few strength training regime employing everyday things!

Firstly, to exercise your chest and shoulders, you’ve got the choice of executing various kinds of push-ups. The typical kind is where you simply put both your own hands and your feet onto a flat ground. If you find this very simple, you can increase the difficulty by putting your feet on an elevated surface! This focuses more of your shoulders and upper chest section. It is also more challenging to execute. If you are really fit, you can attempt handstand push-ups with your feet again the wall.

For a wonderful triceps workout, you can perform dips workout between two seats or desks! All you need to carry out is to place two seats or tables back to back and put your hands on them. You’ll then lift up both your legs off the ground, and lower your body till your arms are bent at a right angle, after which you proceed to perform the dip and push yourself back up.

To work out your biceps and back muscles, you can be using pull-ups or chin ups. The ideal spot to carry out such workouts is at the pull up bar at the local fitness corner. If you do not have access to the pull up bar, you could still perform this exercise by putting a beam on top of two cupboards and utilizing it as a pull up bar.

All of the above exercise routines can be executed nearly anywhere.

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